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We specialize in TEA CUP, MICRO, TOY and SHOW long coat and smooth coat chihuahuas-- 2 pound to 5 pound.


Our chihuahuas are family raised. They all live with us inside our home with the privilege of their own room. Their room is 20 x 50. They have their own T.V., SOFA, BED and much more. They are treated like Queens and Kings, very royal and loved among us.

Because they live like Kings and Queens, our program is called "Royal Family Chihuahua". Our goal is to produce "Quality Pet and Show Chihuahua".

Our program is founded in December 2012 as a small hobby program. We own pet chihuahuas for 5 years. We have experience in safe healthy breeding.


One of the reason why we decided to open a small breeding program inside our home is because we love animals, especially chihuahuas.

Aside from our love towards chihuahuas, our goal is to DONATE 10% of each puppy SOLD to charity. Some of the organizations or charities that we are interested in donating includes, "Feeding America, American Childhood Cancer Organization, St. Jude Children Research Hospital and Operation Blessing."

We believe that together we can make a difference in each others life. By purchasing a pet or show chihuahua from us, you are donating 10% of the puppy cost to help one of the three organizations.

Once we donate your 10% to one of our three organizations/charities, if interested, in receiving a document from the non-profit organization or charity stating your donation, we will be more then happy to provide you the document.

For more information on our donation program, please view "Donation Program" on our website.


We professional video record the each puppy from first week until they leave our home, to your home. You will get to see the puppy as he/she grows into little prince and princess in our Royal Family Chihuahua family.

Each of our chihuahua is apart of our family. We NEVER take our Chihuahuas outside, because we are afraid they might catch unknown diseases. Most of them are pad trained.

We spend quality time with our chihuahuas. They socialize well, with personality of their own.


All of our chihuahuas are registered with AKC and CKC. They are all well bred with love and care.

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